Whither liberty?

David Davis

I am obliged to Tom Paine at The Last Ditch for flagging this up: we have not time to do all our own external research every day, despite having a team of expanding young writers.

I agree that Hughes can’t be long for this world, as far as the BBC is concerned.


  1. Yes, he was good. As I was watching I thought to myself “I wonder if there’s scope to get someone like him in to do a little entertainment slot at something like the Libertarian Alliacne Conference”.

    I went off and found some of his other sets on the interwebs – nothing quite as “libertarian” oriented as the stuff about being offended and helth and safety and political correctness from Saturday’s one on BBC but still good fun.

  2. He’s back in Oz at the moment and was on the local version of HIGNFY a couple of nights ago. Not as PC and establishment as the regulars and usual guests he didn’t come across as particularly libertarian either. Comment on English food: “The only country in the world where you can get a cold pie and a hot coke in the same shop.” 😀 Unfair and untrue, but funny.

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