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David Davis

I am obliged to The Englishman’s Castle ticket-office-and-souvenir-bookstall, for flagging up this book, which we all ought to buy a number of copies of and force our GreeNazi friends to read.


  1. AS My ninety-one-year-old farm neighbour, Mr Judson Andersen says:

    “Global Warming?” Jesus Christ…hotter than Hell yesterday [90s — BW] and now only 70 degrees!?!??

    One really smells a God-damn Jesus Christ RAT and that we are all being dealt a REAL handful of shit in this….

    As ought to be well-known by now to all you brain sonsofbitches, _I_ anyway am NOT a God-damn fool and so naturally (!) I consider that the bastards [humans, /eg/ — BW] partly ARE “responsible” for global warming. Why the Hell not? This is just the same way as we have done in critters and habitats time after time before. We are PART of Nature, God damn it, and of all the bullshit that goes on constantly….

    So now that we have finally all figured it all out here by using our God-damn heads — mine! — just for once, well God damn it, the ONLY God-damn correct position in all this [and the objective corollary, that the fashionable pro and con on climate change is a phoney binarism, suitable only to the denizens of a moral kindergarten; and, those whose sole real purpose is name-calling — BW] the ONLY so-called “objective question” is, Jesus Christ, just HOW the Hell are we going to make it?

    Well, just like always it’ll be figured out by DIFFERENT sonsofbitches here and there, all on their own just like always, coming up for example with ways to run our thumbsucker patio heaters on these chilly June (!) nights with less God-damn waste. And LESS expense to us. This doesn’t have to be “mandated” by the same God-damn pinheads from the moral kindergarten mentioned by that God-damn FOOL Wook up above, Jesus Christ…WHEN the cheaper sonofabitch IS available, we WILL cut off each other’s nuts in a riot at Menard’s to BUY the God-damn things.

    Trust me. You ought to…_I_ sure as Hell am NOT running for office anywhere!

    But anyway, “the answer” is NOT in trying to take Heaven by storm with any God-damn fantasies still WAY far beyond us, of some kind of “nice” — like Hell! — “One World” government.

  2. “Menard’s” is the North American DYI & Hellhole of indentured incompetent husbands & other males-n0t-men across the continent, all constrained by their wives & task-mistresses to buy tons of plasterboard and solvents, 9/10s of which ends up in the landfill, and to lose many an evening & weekend in stinky, fuming head-aching futility, trying in vain to turn some domestic shit or the other into gold. It is strictly an emporium for those who cannot or will not read. There are an amazing number of these geese and sales reportedly are up even in the recession. In Iraq, I see in the papers, the Mohametans are frantically setting off more bombs in a cordon sanitaire this week to prevent the opening of any such emporia of male misery there….

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