You’d not like to know what I left behind

David Davis

I’m not sure why it makes news that students leave stuff behind in their “halls” of residence. (We didn’t live in “halls”, but in “rooms” in college: it makes more sense surely…)

But as far as I know, my tea set of Woolworths cheapo-china  is at the bottom of a certain lake, in the grounds of a certain college: I sort of know what general part in which to look, in the event that anyone’s interested in a dredge. It probably could still be found 39 years later. Why it’s there and not in my possession is a long story: best not go there.

Oh and a plasticine model of Stonehenge, to about 1/76 scale***. And an Optikit light-box and power-supply to demonstrate the solar and lunar alignments.  I left it after my second-year in 16-2, it would have been squashed in my mum’s car on top of the rest of the stuff. Perhaps the cleaners threw it out, prhaps not.

***Whhich is to say, about 4mm to the foot…

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