LiberaLaw: Gabb on Carson


LiberaLaw: Gabb on Carson


  1. Mr Gabb sorry to go off topic but I’ve been meaning to ask you for some time: do you agree with Peter Hitchens that the best way to restore conservative rule to Britain is to not vote Conservative, and force a collapse of the party? I’d love to get your thoughts on this.

  2. Oh – you want a book from me, not an answer! The short answer is that I don’t know. If this Government were less catastrophically awful, I’d be in favour of cheering on a civil war within the Tory Party that ended in its utter destruction. But the Government is catastrophically awful and it must be removed. The Tories are the only people able to do this in the next year.

    So take your choice. I wish the Tories had sunk without trace c1999. But I shall probably vote for them next year.

    • Sadly, we must look to saving what can be salvaged in the short term, in order to have the machinery and people alive and able to fight in the longer or medium term. So what I think Sean is saying is that any vote not for the Tories __this time around__ is wasted. I am sadly inclined to agree, although this Tory shower of twats is not much better, and indeed worse in many respects, that the previous lefty wet twats that Thatcher brought sadly in with her in 1979.

      I would like to exhort readers in the UK to vote for http://lpuk.org. But I fear that because the primary objective is to remove ZanuLieBorg under any applied conditions we can get, and remove them utterly from any possible levers of power (or at least for the rest of my lifetime) then it’s got to be the Tories.

      Sorry, chaps.

  3. Thanks for the replies and thank you Mr Gabb for your various works. You have made me revise my opinion on several topics, most notably the monarchy and the hereditary peers in the upper house.
    I promise not to make a habit of going off topic 🙂

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