Gordon Brown is not happy, and this mursery will shortly experience depressing times

David Davis

Jonah Brown is not happy:-

But at least he didn’t make any policy announcements.


  1. And, no Mad Mahometans crashed into something, the last time a “leader” having been with small children (except for Mr Karl Rove in Bangcock) being the occasion when Mr Bush’s fourteen (or was it 17?) “intelligence” agencies let some Arabes loose in airliners, in 2001.

    [/A-rabes/, impeccable southern Minnesotan American, for the South Midland “A-rabs” more commonly familiar to sub-literates and C & W afficiandos & emotionalists. The stress is on the second vowel & both Ays are long — ed]

  2. The little boy on the lower left looks in profile quite like my grandson Hugo, who is not much inclined to having any either. Right now, Hugo says very often “are you JOKING?” in response to stuff that Grampa and the other grownups say — while tenting his fingers and looking hard at you.

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