LIBERTY 2009! Our annual conference in association with Libertarian International

David Davis

Here’s your booking form! Book early as places have started to get filled…

Some speakers are already firmed up. The Devil will be talking about the LPUK in the first saturday morning session. I, me, will be moderating one on Sunday afternoon.


  1. Have two questions:

    1) Is anyone payable welcome or is there restrictions for who (i.e. me) that can attend?

    2) Maybe I’m highly stupid, but as I understand it the cost for this shindig is £85.00 + £40.00 (dinner)? Or?

    And a wee comment:

    “If inflation picks up next year, we may have to raise prices for the first time in ten years.”

    – Next year? But in any case; then you can up the prices I would say. I have noticed a significant price increase in certain items while going to stores here in Scotland. Some of those are because of tax increase (beer, cigarettes), but not all. Among other things the crisps I normally buy is up close to 100% (!), a suit I was going to buy up 25%, shirts I normally buy up 30%, the milk I normally buy up 40%, my favourite candy 15%, and at my workplace the prices is up in the cantina with around 20%. (This very “scientific” survey is done on Tesco, Island and Spar) And this is during a period of 2 week. And please remember, all the billions of inflationary money are yet to reach the system.

  2. You are most welcome to pay to attend our conference, Apocalypse old chap!

    But a dubious downside to this act on your part, is that I will be present. You may not recover form your disappointment at beholding the reality, having feasted on the cyber-version for so long.

  3. Apocolypse,

    The cost is, as I understand it, £85.00 (including dinner). If you wish to attend the dinner only, then it is £40.00.

    At least, that is my understanding.


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