Knives are not the danger…

….but the Enemy Class that creates unsocialised knife-wielders is.

David Davis

Now, Marks and Spencer – and earlier, Tesco – join the ranks of the wannabe-State-Nannies.

Setting up an education system which de-civilises from an early age, coupled with continuing to treat adults like children, produces these conditions and events.

The nursery where my sainted wife works has a “policy” of not only not having “war toys” (a pejorative for guns) but not even allowing the word to be mentioned. Welocme to the Endarkenment.


  1. Yes. Ban the guns then its knives. Ban the knives then its ?
    The Powers that be (ptb) must know this so what’s their game? What does one do about it?
    How does one establish the truth in a world run on lies?
    Not bother and acknowledge that that is what the people want – lies?
    But that’s only because they have been deceived?

  2. Sean Gabb has often said that Big Business is not the natural friend of liberty.

    I find it hard to understand that they don’t see where their real interests lie.

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