Moslems are not the problem…the Enemy Class is

David Davis

I doubt very much if any Mosques have actually _/asked/_ for this….but “Avon and Somerset”*** Police have volunteered it.

It just makes the job of eradicating GramscoFabiaNazism even harder, since these buggers clearly really do believe the West is NOT Best.

If we believe that one civilisation is objectively better than others, then it would behove us to force our State-NGOs and other public-sector outfits, however Gramscian their leanings, to behave as if we believed it. Insofar as we have to tolerate the bastards for the time being.

Moslems themselves, whether “Fundamentalist” of not, are not actually the problem or even part of it. The Koran is manifestly and quite frankly not a book about a peaceful religion, but that can be fixed by a dialogue in which we will deploy the Asse-Hatt, to add the right notes of non-committment and ennui to its entire decontamination-proceedings:-

They are being used as a catspaw by the GramscoFabians, and will find themselves being eradicated later as inconvenient objectors, along with all other whole categories of persons who displease the Gramscoids’ idea of Future-World Order.

***Part of the wicked and evil 1970s-“Heatho-Walkerian-boundary-erasure-retrogressions”.


  1. Yes. Absolutely. They do it either to prove how superior they are by being ever so humble and condescending, or it is indeed, a set up to demolish that which is strong and good in the west and supplant it with vacant supercillity? Probably both? And then install the homogenised humanity dictatorship.
    Things are moving quite fast in that direction. As long as they steer away from the rocks one doesn’t notice the speed.

  2. That view reminds me of early twentieth century Germany, when anti-communists lent the nazis their support to crush communism, thnking that they could use them and discard them as they desired. They were wrong then and you are wrong now.

  3. Yes, the ruling class is at present using muslims a to justify changes that help its agenda.

    It follows that one day, muslims might cease to be of use to the ruling class and will fall out of favour.

    But, there are no signs at present of that occuring, quite the opposite, and the ruling class cannot exactly turn on a sixpence as its multiculturalist ideology has become so entrenched.

    There are already several million muslims in this country and this will continue to increase, especially as next year, the European Free Trade Area (I’m all in favour of free trade, but definitely not free migration, and that is what this is about) will enlarge to encompass several new countries including parts of North Africa and the Middle East. See some vague details of this on the Europa website here:


    So, for the forseeable future, the number of muslims will increase in this country. If you combine their steadily increasing population with the fact that we have been progressively conditioned for decades into believing that we should not assert our own interests when they come into conflict with that of other peoples, I find it difficult to draw any other conclusion.

    The ruling class and its agents would not have the strength be able to remove the influence of muslims from Britain, even if it wanted to.

    • But the Enemy Class could then just have them all killed. It’s not fanciful, it’s after all happened before to the Jews – although I admit that in their case they were not first built up as a stalking-horse, before being taken down again..

      But Enemy Political Classes have got “previous” in terms of removing by death whole categories of people who are an irritation and and abomination to them.

  4. Even supposing muslims fall out of favour, it would take too long for the ruling class to do an about turn on this, there are already too many obstacles in the way. ECHR, international law, the assault on national self assertiveness, the running down of our armed forces and the sheer numbers of muslims here.

    Though perhaps if their pensions were called into question, I’m sure our beloved police service would follow government orders, no matter how barbaric….

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