I don’t like it… it’s too quiet… they’re going to try to hit us with something else…

….because “Organic” food has failed as a way to hobble and attenuate the population, and as a way to bring about food-rationing in the UK.

David Davis

Actually, it’s lovely. One lot of GramscoFabiaNazis, the “Food Standards” “Agency”, is badmouthing another lot of the same buggers, which is to say the growers, the metroNazi opinion-formers-about, and then also the wannabe-eaters of,  “organic” food. It’s true that the nastiest catfights occur between one socialist and another one who does not quite agree with him 100%.

The word “organic” means a couple of things, in the main. If something is “organic” within a system, it means that the something is “of or within” that system. Furthermore, “organic” chemistry simply means the chemistry of carbon compounds, which mainly occur ( at  _standard temperature and pressure_ ) within living objects. It is immensely complex and intricate, and is hardly affected, if at all, by the addition of things like small amounts of Potassium Nitrate, or pesticides.

“Organic” is one of those lynched and stolen words, which have a meaning that implies good or at least philosophical neutrality. Other stolen words, hijacked and used for evil and corrupt purposes by the Enemy Class, are “capitalism”, “democracy”, “liberalism”, “inflation”, “safety”, “health”, “going forward”, “moving on”, “working with”, and the like.

I invite submissions for others that we have to get back.


  1. Justice: now “Social Justice” i.e. Injustice.

    Fair Trade: that is unfree trade.

    Choice: a limited range of aproved options, certainly not that messy market stuff.

    Freedom: now “Freedom from want” i.e. slavery.

    Accessible: vacuous.

  2. Well, I was going to say freedom, that, for some reason, got left out of the post but someone sort of beat me to it. 🙂

    There are a lot of more words and combination of words that have totally lost their meaning or even mean the complete opposite of what they used to and I think it is an honourable task trying to take some of them back. However, I would argue that the three most important, but also most difficult to explain and take back is; “Freedom”, “Rights” and “inflation”. Most other words mentioned and most of what the enemy does go back to a 180 comes to those first two words, and inflation is so important to understand in order to really comprehend what our enemies are up to, so if a focus should be made I would “vote” (I don’t vote) for those. Besides, taking back just one word is hard enough, making a long list is just impossible.

  3. oh, and “impartial” is a way of saying “our agenda is rarely overt.” “Public Service Broadcasting” I’ll leave to you to translate.

  4. Quite right about “impartial” there!

    Also “inflation”.

    Perhaps one strategy is to substitute the actual word, as used by the gramscofabians, with what it actually means if decoded?

  5. 1 Gramscians 13:13 (Mussolini Version)

    13 And now abideth health, safety and security, these three; but the greatest of these is security.

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