Tax on driving to work? A solution….

…is to tell your employer that he can give you a free wireless-broadband to your house, with streaming video, downsize his office and move out of Nottingham, sack all staff who’d be needed if you were physically present, like cleaners, cooks, filing clerks etc, and cut his costs while avoiding the driving tax meantime.


  1. “Under the scheme, any firm with 11 or more staff parking spaces will be charged £250 a year for each. That cost could rise to £350 within two years. ”

    The alternative is to spray paint visitor in every space from number 12 and up.

    Personally, I’d also fine staff using those spaces for a maximum penalty of 2p, and invest the proceeds in green projects. Because we have to think of the childrens.

  2. A fantastic solution for sensible employers. Also if you have 12 employees sack, I mean downsize, one of them.

    Will Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council employees be ‘fined’ the same for driving to ‘work’, plus any other government or quango employees ‘working’ in Nottingham?

    Government fines on government net to zero. Passed on to their employees? I am sure their salaries could be fudged to cover it, and then some.

    Revolting times ahead?

    Probably not judging by the pathetic response of everyone to the right royal shafting they have been getting lo these last six decades. As Dr Sean said on the James Whale show some time ago, the British have a better government than they deserve, because they deserve a far, far more totalitarian regime than the one we have. Sheeple the lot of them.
    Baa-aa to them all…

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