Thank Christ nobody’s in charge!

David Davis

Gordon Brown is somewhere in the Cumberland mud, Harriet Hardbint is (who cares where) and Lord Mandyperson is “in Cor-Eff-Yoo. That might, just might, give the British People a break, to get on with a little recession-busting, uninterrupted.

Don’t you just wish that the buggers (no pun intended) would be away 100% of the time? Laissez-nous-faire!


  1. Hey, bringing Jesus into this was irrelevant was it? One needs to be a bit careful which bit of the (frozen) lake one walks on. But He’s actually quite understanding.
    But your main point regarding government figures. It has become increasingly evident to me in recent years how, actually, irrelevant they are. They don’t really do very much except make up problems so they can pass a law to solve it. Having met a few rather competent conmen I am struck, in fact absolutely enlightened, it’s like one of those moments of true discovery and awareness, at how similar our ruling elites and conmen are. One can say the political (as different from economic) means is to take things by force, and understand all that, but the thing is that this is for real. They really and truly need to be seen for the conmen that they are. Conmen are awfully impressive until you start picking off the plasters off the sores and then they hiss like the evil they are. Quite amazing. Pillars of society as well.

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