We like numbers, we like playing with them….

…to find the truth.

David Davis

The new Bentley Continental thing, you know, that car that the GreeNazis don’t want you to own? Well, it !”squirts out 338 grams of CO2 per Kilometer, that’s about 9 moles (a mole of it being 44 grams) at STP. Nine moles of any gas, as everyone knows, is about 9 cubic feet, give or take. You could easily get all of it into an average fridge.

So, your Bentley gives out about a fridge and a half of COs per mile. And they are complaining?

It must use, then, about a mole and a half of ordinary petrol, defined arbitrarily as nonane, per mile. And that’s the lot, even the stuff used to turn the engine over and keep it warm…About 120 grams: so what’s the beef?


  1. Sorry, you /are/ being too sublime…again.

    (One of these days I WILL haul over there one of my PRR Q2s, modified to run on rubber tyres, stuff the thing full of bituminous coals & H2o, and away we Will GO!)

  2. ‘Moles’ my backside…I’ll give ’em moles!

    Gigantic clouds of moles the size of horizon-wide hippopotami.

    Me and Mr Toad, rolling along and leaving the rampaging irate coppers in the smokescreen, to ram-panda into each other!

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