Socialism, Baby P, scumbag-creation and de-civilisation-strategy

David Davis

Sometimes one just gets arsed off with writing, daily, daily, daily and more, about the effects of deliberate and directed GramscoScumbagism. We all know that the Enemy Class has, on purpose, created and is creating, and has cultivated and farmed (and is doing so even more fiercely while there’s time) people, so that they shall become specifically sub-human and de-socialised.

I didn’t mean to write about “Baby P”: but the images of the people directly involved shocked me – and I didn’t just mean the GramscoFabiaNazi “social” “workers” who “have lessons to be learned”:-

Only following orders
"Only following orders"

The socialisation of a person, for him (her…it…) to live peaceably in a modern complex civilisation with others, is a long and difficult process. [By complex, I mean anything that uses writing and that records history and thoughts as well as deeds, and probably after about 1,800 BC.] Painful and sometimes futile, sometimes successful, experiments were conducted in education and upbringing. These, and empirical data, brought us to about the early/mid 20th century, in which probably a higher percentage of humans than ever before was educated and socialised as children to a stage where a high Western civilisation, such as Britain, could regard barbarism, pointless savagery, totally-unrelieved destitution, and other pre-capitalist horrors as the hideousnesses that they have always been and sadly still are.

Orc, created deliberately, to do what it did, by wicked destroyers
Orc, created deliberately, to do what it did, by wicked destroyers

What that awful picture says, about what wicked, wicked, evil socialist “progressive” ideologues cheefully and with conviction and deeply-felt seriousness, do to ordinary people in the name of their doctrine, is utterly and unbelievably terrible. If I did not live in 2009 Britain, I could not credit that some people really, really aredeeply and sincerely driven to make others into machines that could do that, and that could get like that. Slavery is too small and innocuous a word for it.

I will thus maintain, in public debate if required so to do, that the poor tormented person in this photo has been created on purpose. She along with many, many thousands of others, of all the many different and mostly artificial sexes, is a planned construct of, and has been emplaced by, the Political-Enemy-Class. Like a tank-trap, or a mine. The job of these enslaved individuals is to do, individually, having been collectively manufactured, as much mortal damage as possible inside the structure of a normal civilisation which lives by evolved and mutually-agreed customs and behaviour. They will be maintained while they do this, with money and “outreach”: the fact that the money is confiscated in taxation off those who are to be destroyed afterwards, is as I said yesterday, the very, very most utterly secondary consideration – the very reason for comtemplation and execution of the evil deed is the problem itself. The people who invent these monstrosities are the wicked evil ones. The money is just “there”.

When these poor sad machines have served their purpose, or if they get slaughtered mostly be each other in the process, they will be discarded. The Enemy-Class cares not one jot or tittle. All that matters is that ordinary, classsical liberal nuclear-family-based civilisation, encompassing at least some useful education, is flattened. The majority must be forced to live in an endarkened, violent, lawless and chartless world, fighting for scraps both of food and energy and anything useful, while the _honestiores_ feast on tribute, lord over the _humiliores_,  and shag whoever’s daughters it pleases them to do.

Sons too maybe – although I firmly believe homosexuality does not exist at all, and is also a fabricated Enemy-Class wind-up. I have never been shown any evidence to convince me otherwise. (Forget ancient Greek and Roman literature about it – it could all have been carefully fabricated by Oscar Wilde for the purpose. You know! Just like how the US fabricatedall the footage of the Moon landings.)

I digress: sorry. There is so much sadness and torment in the world, that it is hard to know where to start, or how often to branch off on a by-way and gun something down there, before returning to the straight-way.

But these tragedies exist because the wicked are paying, with stolen money, for them to be set up.

Please, please, somebody:

Please try, try hard, to convince me that the GramscoFabiaNazis have not actually designed the entire system of State-intervention solely in order to convert people into mindless machines, and that they have not deconstructed liberal education as a particular strand of this strategy.


  1. Yes, the creation of a fairly mindless pool of serf semi-slave labour with little desire for excellence does seem to be on the agenda.
    It is going ahead on many fronts and in different ways that are complex and quite ingenious in implementation by stealth and would thus seem to be dileberate.
    Is it being created to trash western, liberal, rule-of-law democracy? It looks that way.
    Beauty and excellence is broken down into mental brutality.
    Thuggery was never necessary unless that’s what was wanted.

  2. Actually I pity the people that have been used. Their lives have been robbed from them, John.

    I wish we could liberate them somehow: I can’t begin to knwo how or where to start – they are so many, and so deeply stuck in the shit of our Enemies’ creation.

  3. Sorry, as I’ve a gay stepson whom I love dearly, I expect you’re over-egging the custard just a tad bit on that one….

    As to the nutritionally-damaged countenance of the brutalised & porcine mother of Baby Peter, the rosebud lips and pinched nostrils for starters of this infamously heterosexual brood sow attest the congenital damage incurred (and, not only among the lower orders) over the late-modern period, as a result of ingestion of processed foods, and especially the vile and poisonous hydrogenated oils and MSG.

    ‘Safe vegetable spread’ objectively is simply a God-damned lie, and interested persons can learn more about it, at this at link to the Weston A Price website:


    The 2nd female bears the stigma of the mouth-breather; whereas the first, relatively unscathed by the genetic mauling of industrial ‘food’ in her breed-line, is merely some sort of hatchet-faced and credentialled, moral-insanity case, and obvious Public Sector Non-Producer.

    PS: Does anyone have any idea as to whether hippopotamuses (sic) are good to eat? They are truculent, I know, but I’ve a nice slough I could roof over with solar panels, for a nice year-round venue for them.

  4. It seems that all the regimes in the western world are being gently guided to serfdom. (In the rest of the planet, where they already are serfs they are being coerced into assertive demanding of their rights from the west and the evil that was done to them.)
    Whatever. One needs to get out of Britain for some time to really understand how the mental sludge is being solidified around you. It gets more viscous every day. Stay away for a few years. We think we can think independent of our environment but it does not
    Delight has been ridiculed to death. Thuggery is in.

  5. Very informative website Bodwyn, it’s going to keep me busy for ages. I must say I had noticed the similar countenance in the people who we see plastered across our screens whenever these outrages occur (compare the mother of that girl that went missing but was found to be merely hidden in the uncle’s house) but I had never considered nutrition as a factor. You may be on to something here…

  6. Not I, whoops, it is Dr Price (a dentist!) as went all over Kingdom Come, studying populations before and after their exposure to tinned and other industrial fodder. He went up in the Alps and out in the Hebrides and bearded the Old Cannibal King, Himself, at home in the South Seas. He took pictures of /teeth/ all over the World, those of the older generation and those of the younger, and wherever there was any kind of a ‘company store’, the deterioration was rapid. I am no scientist and realise that more likely has to be done, but his hypothesis was not only dental caries, but as well an hideously quick adverse effect of de-natured fodder on fetal development and, indeed, a steep up-tick in flawed DNA formation.

    It is only owing kismet that he was not a German and drawn into the Nazi humbug of that era.

  7. But life expectancy has increased. The technology has not been all bad. The poison is in the mind. Lies about freedom and responsibility. Difference.
    And churning out zombie serfs.

  8. Sorry, does anyone know about the hippopotamuses-part? /I’m/ the sodding farm-manager here, and this Wook is becoming overbearing & tiresome on the subject….

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