Libertarian Alliance SLEBWATCH 1b: “Katie” told to stop “partying”

I actually think this is very funny.

David Davis

I really do have no clue who “Katie” is, but the gravity being associated with the announcement indicates that this particular chappy is famous. Here’s even a picture of him, looking as if he has bought some chips on a plastic thingy:-

Mines a large one, squire!
Mine's a large one, squire!

The chips are the good bit: it shows just how against the prevailing grain of GramscoFabiaNazism that this Katie chap’s opinions about “healthy eating” are. This is good and right. He may go far in the libertarian movement yet.

But, sadly, Mr Katie clearly does not know either which sort of dress suits him, nor does he know when to stop applying the fake tanning lotions,  or else he does not listen to his Gestapo-minders sufficiently closely.

Mr Katie is going to feature more on here I have decided. He is going to be used as a “do not end up like me” lesson for younger readers of this Classical liberal archive, of whatever sex. Even though he is about 90.

His legs aren’t that great either.

A libertarian society would probably have some of these men working in it. I do not complain. But they would probably earn less in an average lifetine of two years each, and would not be as universally-highly-regarded through the Wireless Tele Vision. They might earn something like an “average wage”, and would marry blameless and sensible platerers and brickies, and disappear harmlessly up their own chuffers.

Perhaps the problem with modern __/post-civilisation/__ celebrities is that the mechanism of the process of killing them for the crowd to attain their _/Aura/_ after their death is misunderstood and lost. I do not for one moment suggest that the killing of  this man Katie for his “aura”, whatever it might consist of, should be done. But there clearly is something about the “aura” of these people, which makes it possible for GramscoStalinist administrations to use them to keep “the masses” in a state of consciousness that even Marx would have considered as “not sufficiently raised”.

What I also think is unfair is that this Katie man can eat his fatty unhealthy chips any time he likes, while ordinary poor children in “schools and hospitals” are bullied into not being allowed them.

Chips are nice.


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