Libertarian Alliance Enemy-Class bullshit-identification-program: No-1… “Our thoughts are with…”


David Davis

This phrase is usually uttered by member of the Enemy Class, in this case the current British-Bureau-Chief-thereof…Gordon Brown humself.

These days I take its appearance to mean that neither the utterer nor the rest of the Enemy Class actually gives or has even given a monkey’s f*** about the fate of whoever-it-was (currently soldiers figure a lot) but that it is not politically expedient to be seen to be saying nothing.

So they say something that means nothing instead.

When we come to power, all persons of the Enemy Class, who are known to have uttered it over such incidents and where there is a record of it, will be “invited downstairs to an exciting place, for questioning”.


  1. The arrogance, self-seeking pomposity, and utter disregard for the welfare of others whose lives they regularly trash, causes me to have profound contempt for most of those in the media. Probably all of MSM.
    Here is another example of another media man of the hour being caught (for the second time) while possibly trying to generally negetavise the whole situation for the West, and then having to be rescued by those despised forces. And a British soldier is killed in the process. And his own side kick, just to make it a nice black event. They also manage to get in: “Unconfirmed reports suggested that women and children may also have been caught in the crossfire” which makes the event a bit blacker and enhances the shadow of gloom they want to cast over the West’s attempts to save itself from either being over-run, or more likely, the awful destruction of freedom in the West that these wars have and will cause.
    My perception is that if people want to be heroes and daringly report from the front lines then they should take their own lives in their own hands and not look to others for protection or rescue. With any luck they might even be captured, go into Stockholm syndrome, and come out as rabid exponents of the values of savagery.
    It is, indeed, sick.

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