The enemy rhetoric is very clever and persuasive

Michael Winning

Read it all, to the end, not long. You’d be forgiven for thinking these politicians are not our masters but our humbal servants. Spit.


  1. I lost count of the number of times he used the word ‘difficult’ in tht article. If he finds governing the country so difficult, why doesn’t he spare us all the misery, resign and go and get a job in McDonalds? Society needs a ‘prudent’ and ‘resolute’ burger flipper far more than it needs a lunatic PM.

  2. It is indeed (The enemy rhetoric is very clever and persuasive).
    All one needs is a resolute desire/intent to promote liberty and prosperity. To unshackle life from control. They could do it if they wanted to. So could anyone. The mindset (emotion, attitude and reason?) to control runs deep and unseen, being just part of the furniture, and corrupts everything.

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