Michael Winning

In his speech to the Labour conference in Brighton, Mr Brown accepted that Labour facing an uphill struggle at the election, but insisted that the party still has a chance of winning and taking a fourth term.

They will rig the important labour marginals with postal votes, in whihc they have of course put the more illiterate immigrants.

“Never, never stop believing,” Mr Brown told Labour members. “We are the Labour Party and our abiding duty is to stand, and fight, and win.”

When I was very very young, I heard Hugh Gaitskell on the raiod, saying “we must fight and fight and fight again, and WIN the party back to power!” What’s all this need to fight about all the time?

He added: “Because the task is difficult, the triumph will be even greater. Now is not the time to give in but to reach inside ourselves for the strength of our convictions.”

They will never apologise, as david D keeps reminging us.

Telling his party not to give up, Mr Brown said: “There is nothing in life which is inevitable. It’s about the change you choose.”

I don’t  understand that, sorry.

With the odds against him, Mr Brown was under pressure to set out a vision for the future in his speech.

Everything to do with Lefties is about the future, they never seem to refer to the past. Specially theirs.

During his address, he set out a range of pledges that will form the basis of the Labour election manifesto next year.

Among them:

* If it is re-elected, Labour would hold a referendum on changing the rules for electing MPs. Instead of the first-past-the-post system, Westminster elections would use the additional vote system, where voters chose both a constituency MP and one from a regional top-up list. This will be the sacked BlairBabes, then, so they can get back in. * Labour would create a new “National Care Service” to provide social care of the elderly, he said. The new system is likely to be funded by up-front fees levied on all workers when they turn 65. I don’t fancy being invited onto that scheme, sorry. Mr Brown also promised: “And for those with the highest needs, we will now offer in their own homes free personal care.” He did not say who would qualify. Not disabled soldiers I epxpect.

* Middle class parents will lose tax relief on child care in order to fund free childcare for 250,000 poor parents of two-year olds. The pledge comes only days after Mr Brown pledged to make middle-class concerns the focus of his Government. I’d better beget a couple of two-year-olds, pref by different girls, and quite quick. Then I cna put them in the same cresh, get a volume-discout, and finally get an XBox!

* Teenage single mothers will be “placed in a network of supervised homes,” shared homes where they will be taught parenting skills and given other skills. Mr Brown said: “It cannot be right for a girl of sixteen to get pregnant, be given the keys to a council flat, and be left on her own.” So the home-supervisor can finally pimp them out now properly and get away with it! Add to her salary it will.

* The national ID card will not be made compulsory during the next parliament, Mr Brown said. But he stopped short of scrapping the scheme as many critics are demanding. So it’s going to come then, no change there then.

Responding to critics of his personal style leadership, Mr Brown lauded his own role in responding to the world financial crisis last year. I’m the Dear Leader….fly me (to Washington)

“Even when they told us last year that a great depression was inevitable and the world could not come together, we did, even when others said it was beyond our grasp. It still is.

“Maybe you think it’s because I’m the guy who doesn’t take no for an answer, and you’re right: I don’t.” I never apologise, I’m the arch-Gramscofella of the current Enemy Class.

For the second year running, Mr Brown was introduced to the conference by his wife, Sarah. think what would have happened if Denis T had introduced Margaret T.

In a short personal speech about the man she called “my husband, my hero”, Mrs Brown spoke of the Prime Minister’s intensity, workload and character. Hitler in thewar

“He’s not a saint. He’s messy, he’s noisy, he gets up a terrible hour,” Mrs Brown said. “He will always make the time for people, for the family, for his friends. That’s what makes him the man for Britain too.” the father of his people, yes. Ceaucescu also?

Risking criticism of Labour’s support for the Armed Forces, Mr Brown devoted only three paragraphs of his hour-long speech to British forces serving in Afghanistan, paying tribute “to them and their courage.” I think sometimes in my worse moments about a revolution supported by the Army etc. But I don’t think they will.

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