That’s how to do it, that’s the real thing

David Davis

Farmer’s daughter shoots terrorist with his own gun.


  1. I do believe in England she would have been arrested and subjected to all sorts of restraining devices (if lucky enough not to be taken out by a police sniper) and been sued by the assailants relatives for a vast amount.
    She would never be able to own a firearm or come within 100 yards of children or other vulnerables and any children she might have had would have been zapped into care as they came out (after chipping) and brought up as good freedom fighters and socially caring rage-zombies to make up for their mother’s heroism.

  2. utrageous!

    How dare someone defend themselves when the socially responsible action is to become a victim and then inform the police later so they can issue a crime number and take your ethnic and gender details for monitoring.

    She must be harshly punished for thiis wilful insult to the authorities.

  3. Initiative, courage, reponsibility.

    Yep, it’s a good job she doesn’t live here, she’d be in jail already for having such attributes.

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