Could it happen?

Michale Winning

Iain Dale thinks Labour could just dissovle, through lack of funds. Personally I doubt it as there’s too much in the way of vested interests in the Party continuing to be. But if it does disappear, the various denizens of our Enemy Class will have to infiltrate and subverty some other party. I expect it will be the Tories and we libertarians will still all have our work cut out, only more slowly. The Tories offer the best hoipe of these people staying “close to the centre”, have more money, and won’t abolish anything like the right number of Quangos which is 100% of them.


  1. In realistic (?) terms I suppose the best one can hope for is more people like Dan Hannan and Peter Davies who will push the mentality trend back towards simple common sense. The whole debate would perhaps then shift from having Gordon Brown/Harriet Harman as somewhere in the middle of the consensus, to having David Cameron/Dan Hannan in the middle of the consensus as did happen at the time Margaret Thatcher was able to become Prime Minister. The thing, then, I guess is not to get lazy but to keep pushing so that Dan Hannan/Peter Davies are the centre ground with the whole thing shifting from a left/right balance to a collectivist/individualist balance. That would free up the one side of the debate to allow libertarians in one side while collectivist of whatever political hue congregated on the other ?

  2. There is too much tribal loyalty to Labour to allow it to just die. Probably about 25% of the population will support Labour even if it has a chimpanzee as leader and runs on a platform on the reintroduction of serfdom.

    It might decline to a rump, but with Union funding and the unthinking, emotional loyalty of a significant section of the population, it isn’t going to die just yet.

  3. “I expect it will be the Tories ..”

    You mean the Tory party isn’t already riddled with socialists?

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