The Enemy Class MUST remove all good teachers…

before more damage is done to “The Project”.

David Davis

Little scumbag monsters who disrupt classes ought to be beaten to within an inch of their lives. Then, but only in the absence of the Enemy Class, will Liberty become the mother of Order.

This is sadly now the remedy to be adopted, in default of terminal culling, which has been sadly presented as an alternatove owing to the existence of a socialist Enemy Hegemonic Class.


  1. Initiation of violence? Libertarian? [scratches head] Why not just give back the power of permanent expulsion (I hate the weak term ‘exclusion’ that’s so popular now, like the poor things are being sent to Coventry or something rather than being kicked out on their arses) to Heads? Coupled with a market based education system schools that failed to deal with disruptive pupils either by getting them to change or getting rid of them altogether would soon lose income as parents began to move their kids elsewhere. Surely Heads with real teeth and something like the Swedish system would be better than simply beating the little bastards into submission – something that might work only until they’re too big and start hitting back.

  2. If we transgressed, our teachers handed us to our fathers, who beat(ed) us formally. We therefore learned, after a few run-ins, that it did not do to transgress the (liberal) ideals of civilised (conservative) society.

    Doing and saying bad things in school was frowned upon. And we didn’t make racist jokes. We called Pradeep (I think?) Rajaratnam, who was one of us “Ratbag” because it was easier than saying his full name. He carried that nickname to the end of his schooldays quite happily. We didn’t call the Nigerian chief’s son “Nigger”, because it was already the name of a Famous Dog. He was “Knocker” instead (his name was something-or-other-Nkonde.)

  3. We didn’t call the Nigerian chief’s son “Nigger”, because it was already the name of a Famous Dog.

    Bet that doesn’t make it into the new movie 😉

    I’m interested to know what a formal beating is. Is there a dress code? Does the beater work inwards like they say you should with cutlery? I think I’m very probably younger but there was a certain amount of informal corporal punishment in my school days. Flying basketballs in PE, bits of chalk and occasional board rubbers in just about everything else… eventually I found the trick was to never piss off teachers who played in the Master vs Boys cricket matches. Well, not the ones who played well at any rate.

    Looking back I suspect nearly all the teachers aimed to miss anyway, and now I think about it despite being a less than model student I was never physically punished in any way at school and probably didn’t even get a clip round the ear from my parents much beyond the age of maybe 8 or 9. Still, even though I’m very much of one of the clip-round-the-ear-did-me-no-harm generations – probably the last one – I’d oppose corporal punishment in schools on strict libertarian grounds. If a pupil initiates violence and violence is needed to restrain them then fair enough. No problem with that whatsoever, even if it was my own child. But as a punishment? If nothing else it seems unimaginative when compared to some of the essays I had to write on various ridiculous and pointless topics, mostly with a minimum word count so writing extra large did no favours (one teacher preferred lines in multiples of 100, each of which would generally just squeeze on to two or three lines if you jammed the words in). The time I wasted was a more effective punishment than physical chastisement would have been, and had I simply refused or continued to push boundaries the school would have eliminated the disruption simply by expelling me. There was never any danger of that since I wasn’t nearly that poorly behaved, but schools had the authority to do it then. Looking back it seems a nicely libertarian approach – misbehave in a shop or pub or even someone’s house and you should expect to be shown the door. Why not schools too? I’d say it’d be best in something like the Swedish system because property rights can kick in and it’d be exactly like asking someone to leave a business or a house, but frankly without that or some other major reform the UK state school system looks virtually stuffed anyway.

  4. I don’t know if the British are not sometimes too much preoccupied with, or susceptible to, the heart of darkness. Perhaps all that civilization, mercy and tolerance, fairness, decency provokes an equal and opposite reaction when sustained without the presence, sustaining authority and love of God?
    But my feeling is that an honest wack never hurt a child. That is not a beating out of the heart of darkness of fury or rage. (Which can arise from frustration and thwarted love trying to do its best, I guess.)
    But non-provoked, undeformed decency fulfilling its role in love will find occasion to honestly admonish and rebuke in a non-injurious way. Maiming comes from the heart of darkness.
    If in libertarian love we want to give free will to all, that love must recognise that without sufficient information there is not the basis for independent decision.
    Two babies armed with nukes are not a portrayal of innocence in a constructive sense.

  5. Where are the parents’ voices in all this? Sorry. Stupid question. It has nothing to do with parents, or students, or real people. It’s all to do with “official institutions”. An insane person who hasn’t been brainwashed might ask why the hell the police were involved at all?

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