Tories, education and schools: this is all very well, but…

if I was them, then I would not have started from here.

David Davis

“Sink schools” exist because the GramscoFabiaNazis have brought them into being on purpose. The justification to create them was the pressing and fast need to de-educate an entire civilisation. Therefore, the punishments for bringing them into being, and which will be retributed from the perpetrators, will be exemplary. I will not say what here: it will be revealed in due course. But the Enemy Class’s surrender will be unconditional, and we have no peace terms at all, to offer for discussion.

The perpetrators of these “sink schools” are not the current “heads”, nor even probably most of the present or absent teachers, or even the poor robbed children – subjected as they are to the planned secondary assault by “popular culture”. The guilty ones (of which there will an excitingly large number) among these Enemy-Class-minor operatives will merely become people without any job or any future income of any kind whatever until their death. No. The War-Criminals are the “educationist” GFNs themselves, and their lackeys and running-dogs of the Enemy-Class, who deliberately planned for the generation of, and required for their success in domination and tyranny, a populace of uncurious helots to be elected as the New People brought into being.

Why do we think that Kenneth Tynan said “f***” on live Tele Vision exactly when he did? Why was sex invented precisely in 1963? It is because the GFNs were ready with the next, the first-occupation-wave, of the assault.

A whole nation’s schools have been used as machinery for the attempted, and largely successful, de-civilising of that entire nation, for the first time in recorded history. In the 1930s, the NSDAP, while “righting” knowledge to make a similar but craftier “people”, was merely tinkering at the edges: they had a global war to win, and “National Socialist Mathematics” was not going to cut the mustard with people like Stalin and the like, as was borne out by uncomfortable fact. Even with my A-level physics teacher on board for the Allies, it was an effing close-run thing.

It will not do to “close sink schools”: there is not time to resurrect proper ones to take the slack, and the damage will continue to be piled up against us if we do not drain the swamp, cleansing out the Augean Stables of wicked doctrine and “unfit thoughts” on day one.The “Nationalised Curriculum” will go, and knowledge and truth will be substituted.

These schools will have to be operated. But the terms will be initially harsh. The first people to get the point of it – after about Day Three – will be the students, who will be our first adherents and supporters in the plan.

There is such a thing as “political correctness”: and it is not what the Enemy Class says it is. It means being right. And they are wrong, they know it, have done it on purpose, and will have to pay.

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