This is how and why Gordon Brown will resign and soon

David Davis

Here you go. Health reasons. It’s the best way probably for him to go, but not for us: we needed to _inflict defeat_ seriously and with great power, specifically upon anti-English, deliberate, directed and focussed socialism, with an anti-English and wicked socialist in charge at the Helm of the Enemy Class Fleet.

This will not be as possible with somebody prettier and more Wireless-Tele-genic, later.

We need a vast and bloody defeat, inflicted on purpose, at challenge, against the Enemy Class of the Untied Kingdom (yes I typed “untied”) really in the next three months. I do not know how to bring this about, but it is strategically-necessary: anybody got any ideas?


  1. The ruling classes need the EU absolutely.

    If they are forced to concede a public vote on any aspect of the EU then it will be a body blow to them. It will clearly highlight the division between the people and the rulers.

    Not sure how to force the matter, but at the very least, turning the tables so that they have to explain why the people should be denied a vote would put them in an arkward position.

  2. How the creep can claim to be the saviour of the world (if only in his own mind) defies belief, when you consider this mere list of famous achievers with disabilities:


    Challenge McDrone, who says he admires courage, to at least try to continue until the GE. After all, it’s only 7 months away.

    If not, he deserves ridicule for that alone.

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