COPENHAGEN conference and greeNazis: preparing the world for food-rationing…

David Davis

It implies over at The Englishman’s Castle that the Global-Food-Management-Gestapo, the GFMGs (as they will now henceforth be known – here’s one who’s been hiding in the woodword for some time! Here’s another. They are mass-murderers who will try to invoke global food rationing and soon, starting in nations which they hate) while cleverly appearing to shoot themselves in the foot and perform what appear to be self-contradictory activities, so as to promote the effect of people wanting to minimize the importance of what they do, are actually following a clever and strategically-focussed agenda.

Surely, food is delightful, and absolute food is absolutely delightful? No?

Do follow the links of the Englishman to Lord Stern, English pigswill, and the Affair of the Coptic Pigs. If it was not frightening, it would be funny.


  1. Assumptions on assumptions… if carbon dioxide is not the menace they believe then Stern’s work on the effects of warble gloaming is utterly without merit and the ‘carbon content of food’ – which must surely be in the top ten most scientifically illiterate phrases ever to appear in a mainstream British newspaper – completely irrelevant. In the meantime to help reduce the threat I’m going to do my bit to keep livestock alive by not eating their meat… oh hang on. If they’re bad surely we should kill them? And having done that we might as well have them for lunch anyway.

  2. The whole “shortage” rationing mentality being inculcated – yes! Get you used to tipping your hat for your crust. Actually, if Europe can be so rich, as the rich world, then Africa, of course, could be far richer. The resources are manifold. It is, literally, just bad management.
    Rhodesia used to feed it’s neighbours, now it and most of Zim’s neighbours starve. South Africa is still doing okay for food but with a very high farm murder figure, the well managed farms are becoming less in number and some basic food stuffs are sometimes in short supply. It is a trend, the cause of which, somehow eludes the reasoning of our western elites.

    • No, John. You are naive – sorry, It does not elude them. The effing bastards are doing it to these countries on purpose.

      If they are to successfully-starve the First-world and destroy it, which is their strategically-focussed-objective: then, in a global-technological civilisation, they have to brown-out and starve, and kill, any possible Third-world suppliers along the way. Like the countries of Southern Africa, the potential-seeding-breadbastket of the rest of that poor wretched continent. So it can’t export anything even if it wanted to. that’s why ZanuLieBorg GramscoFabiaNazis love Mugabe, and his awful friends, and want him to be there until Southern Rhodesia is a desert, which it will be and soon.

      Then he can die for all they care, but you just watch him go into some French clinic, for they do look after their own. Look what happened to Idi-Amin-Dada, the effing murderer and mountebank.

      Always kill on the way up, all those whom your enemies may meet on the way down, and who might be their friends.

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