Perhaps he needs £1 million for another house, and asked Tesco?

David Davis

It could always have been that way round, could it not?

And, for the hottest, most gripping news of the day, we have this…I didn’t know Fry was such a self-regarding megalomaniac.


  1. Fry has always been insufferable. For some reason there’s a significant correlation between such insufferability and being fanboys of the over-rated, over-hyped and over-here products from “Apple”.

  2. Apple stuff is often clever. I never even realised how clever until my boy acquired an “iPod tough”. It does all sorts of things a very big laptop can do, only a bit more slowly, and you have to look at what you are doing all the time. Still, if you’re a teenager it’s cool.

    The trouble with Apple is either that you become smug and patronising when using its stuff to compute with, or else using its stuff makes you smug and partonising. (With the honourable exception of Devil’s Kitchen, of course!)

    As for Fry, I have always had a vague but unevidenced suspcion that he is not a very nice person. He’s always grinning at inappropriate moments, and is insufferably cheerful and self-important whe on camera or twattering.

  3. The trouble with Apple is that despite making some very clever kit that’s really nice to use as a company they act like they walk on water, and God but that’s wearing after a while. Fan of the products (well, except for their crap mice – not expecting much from the new one apart from good looks) but I really don’t like the company much.

    As for Twitter, so what if Fry leaves or comes back. It says more about him, though as a sufferer of depression perhaps not that much. Twitter probably held it’s breath with the news that another big name Twitterer was going but since the next big thing hasn’t arrived it’s probably safe for now. When that does happen I expect it’ll go the way of Friends Reunited whether Fry is still tweeting or not.

  4. I’m an electronics hardware design engineer, specialising in professional audio equipment, and use a Windows pc. Using a Mac would not be possible for me even if I wanted to. I need to use a SPICE simulation package. There’s a good choice of cost-effective packages for the PC, while the few that are available for the Mac are overpriced, and frankly, a good five or more years out of date. Likewise for the audio measurement/analysis packages and cost-effective pcb design and layout software. It is so sad that most of the people smugly proselytising about Macs come (like DK) from the graphics design world which is one of the few areas where it can be argued that the Mac software is in advance of the PC equivalent.
    For some reason, it seems that graphic designers have some genetic malfunction that makes them wish to be smug, that real engineers don’t have.

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