Yeh, that’ll stop the little buggers

David Davis

Telling them all about how lovely sex is, from the age of about 8, has not stopped them doing it as soon as the boys can get it up and the girls can slip it in, so that strategy has failed…so let’s just tell them even earlier, shall we!

I may be very obtuse, but I can’t see the logic in telling very very young children all about things to do with things which the same tellers ensure that they can’t consent to, for years and years. The difference between the ages of five and sixteen, seen from the viewpoint of an infant, is a stretch of geological time. I know, I remember.

These are things best left ot the families of the children, to sort out…ah, I forgot! The State now owns children, not families!

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  1. Create an enemy whilst breeding an army, it’s the empire builders basics.
    The enemy needs to be someone idealy whome religion can be used against (easier to whip up fanatiscism) just be sure not to anger the moors as they hold a grudge longer than the vatican.

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