Spend 30 years rubbishing Nuclear Power, then suddenly turn round

…and say to all the Orcs, GreeNazis, neopastoralists, ageing hippies and “Choice-Editors”  whom you have deliberately created, that “it is safe”.

David Davis

Then see if you are believed.

Most of us libertarians have always said it is, because it, well, er, is. Try comparing the death-toll of coal miners with that of nuclear workers and even sufferers from the after-effects of Chernobyl: Nuclear Energy still beats fossil fuels in spades for safety. But just wait for the massed protests, the sit-ins, the lying-down-in-front-of-bulldozers, that is going to happen now.

We may yet die, freezing in the dark.


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  1. It’s very safe, in fact due to its nature there is a safety-conscious culture in nuclear technology. What happened at Chernobyl happened because the controllers turned off vital cooling equipment to see if the inertia of the system would keep itself running – asking for trouble, really. That will never happen again. Besides, we need nuclear power to create isotopes for the treatment of cancer and other purposes.

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