The Prime Minister and the grieving mother: This story worries me

David Davis

Although no possible number of Prime-Ministerial calls (and from a New Labour one they’d have to be very many) can make up for the loss of a child, I am in two minds about the rightness of the Murdoch Tabloids in going postal with Mrs James’ pre-recoreded transcript of her conversation with Gordon Brown. You can read it on Guido of course here, for what we here want is the utter demolition and erazement of GramscoFabiaNazi administrations in the UK for all time and for ever.

But, I note that the PM is partially blind, probably has not written a letter by hand for many years, and is actually a PoliticoGeek. He is not a real human being, he probably has forgotten how to spell, and has certainly forgotten how to write letters personally to people: this is since Fascist-left-policy-engenderers must have no personal feeling for anyone, anywhere, ever. They are “movers-and-shakers” – it is their term, they and their “PR” hangers-on in the 1980s invented it, and they will come to be lynched by it in the end-times.

We shall think about the delights of moving them about, perhaps from Westminster to other places, and then we shall think a little bit about shaking them, perhaps on the end of a piece of piano-wire, or string if that’s what’s allowed by health and safety, until they are dead. Then we may, or may not, eat them. That depends on whether they have caused us to starve, freezing in the dark, by then, or not. Thinking about eating them is what they would call a “real-time tactical proactive option”.

That said in Gordon’s defence, and then thinking about our war against GFNs, I think it’s perfectly fair to use all available underhand means to destroy and utterly discredit and mudsling this bastard administration, out of existence.


  1. Attacking G Brown over this letter is a mistake.

    It is a diversion from real matters such as the shamefully poor equiping of troops sent to war and it is in dubious taste. To criticise a half blind man for his hand writing and spelling in a private, personal letter of condolence is just going to alienate decent people.

    Certainly, condemn the man for his real faults, don’t be diverted into unproductive, distasteful and irrelevant asides.

  2. I agree, with CI (sort of) and having now listened to the entire phone call courtesy of Rupert, until he puts up a paywall and slaughters himself, I think that the woman has been manhandled by the newspaper.

    Her grasp of technical detail, combined with the too-measured-pace and prose of an otherwise-sorrowing-mother, is too good to be true.

    But none of this alters tha fact that Brown, and his coterie of GramscoFabiaNazis who between him and them desire to ruin English liberal classical civilisation (never mind their reasons, I’ll do that – again – another time) have carelessly spent lives of ordinary soldiers without reason and by being deliberately cheapskate with the stuff that might have saved (even some of) them.

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