And what is YOUR favourite insect?

David Davis

Some fellow called Mariah Carey says “butterflies”. I will add other insights to this butterfly nonsense in a later posting, in which I will balefully regard the strategic damage done to humanity by butterflies and  by “butterflyness”. Later. “Health and Safety” have taken the right decision to block her “request for 20 white kittens and 100 white doves” to cavort about while she does something trifling, but for quite the wrong reasons.

I am sure you can see what the right ones are. They are cultural rather than safety-based. Now then, under a libertarian civilisational settlement, it may well turn out that certain people become what are commonly called “celebrities”.  But owing to quite different strategic slants in the sorts of education that most people will then want, and which schools and universities will have to provide or go under, I can imagine quite different sorts of “celebrity” cropping up.

The current lot are largely empty sounding-vessels, that respond in their creation to the LCD, broadcast-media-created “popular culture”: this takes minimal effort to engage with, to understand and to get gratification from. The MSM conjures up these phantasmal but otherwise material creatures, milks them in a sort of real-life docusoap for a couple of years, then ritually slaughters them, in public, on the Aztec-Sacrificial-Altar of “yesterday’s news”.

I am not saying that (in place of these poor ephemeral worthless creatures I talked of above) the service-lives, of  great and useful individuals who have just advanced the Western Classical and Scientific Canon in some notable way, will last any longer as newsworthy stuff. Probably, far from it! Unlike stuff such as the “X factor” whatever that is, the pressure to “perform”, such as being the engineer who designed – and against the efforts of governemts – project-managed the Yemen-Somalia Suspension Bridge for example, or the fellow that designed a practical Belt-Mining-Station (with ore-carrier-feeder-facility) for the asteroid belt, will be enormous.

It will only be sustainable by Individuals of a People that recognises, understands and glorifies in the astonishing degree of order in the Universe, and a People that is not deflected  – except by choice and decision to let its hair down occasionally – by dsplays of pointless self-promotion using massed goose-stepping regiments of white kittens accompanied by camera-wielding doves.

Health and Safety rightly put the kybosh on prattish and childish displays of self-authorised semi-divinity. But when the time comes, “Health and Safety” will go too, into the street, along with the jetsam of a tyrannical state which deliberately connives at the infantilisation of Teh People, for its own ends.

The People will of course decide when, and if, displays of adoring white kittens are suitable adjuncts for  the Man Who worked out how to …Read p-53_ …

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