The Russians are Coming (And Thank God for That!)

Sean Gabb

How’s this for a conspiracy theory? The 61Mb of climate change fraud evidence was hacked by the Russians. They had the means, motive and opportunity.

Means and Opportunity: Just because the Cold War is over doesn’t mean the Russian security services have become any less efficient than they used to be – nor that all those connections with lefties in the universities have entirely lapsed.

Motive: Climate change is all nonsense so far as we are supposed to be the villains. However, the sort of funding poured by Western governments into developing alternative energy sources might actually get somewhere. Bearing in mind that Russia is kept afloat solely by its oil and gas exports, the Russians have every reason to want to shut this research down.

Add to this that the data was first put up on a Russian site, and I find the case most persuasive.

Good on you, Mr Putin. It’s too late for the KGB to apologise to all the people it murdered. But if it has now joined the forces of light in the climate change debate, there may be an element of redemption.

From Blogmaster:-

Some files from the lovely batch delivered up by the Russians:-

The following is a searchable database of the content of the Hadley-CRU emails and datafiles:-


  1. Just as barmy – or non-coordinated – as the rest of us then, considering the Tokamak strategy and its derivatives were invented in Russia. Looks like they’ve got all the moneybags and brains, good for them.

    I am not idiotic enough to forget Dostoyevsky’s idiot – or Stalin or Natalia Vodianova – but I will accept idiot status if I miss why this country should be anything other to us as a benign, interesting and resourceful friend.

  2. As Churchill said, the day after Operation Barbarossa was launched, and commenting on Stalin’s character:-

    “If Hitler invaded hell, I would make at least a favorable reference to the devil in the House of Commons.”

    • If Sean is right, can we expect further hacks by the Russians, on places like James Hansen’s computers, or even the al-Goracle Himself? I do hope so.

      Probably these attacks will need to be more sophisticated than that on Hadley-CRU, but I’m sure the Russians are up to it. They managed to steal the plans for all our reactors before each type was even built, including Calder Hall (which became Chernobyls 1-4) and that was at the height of the Cold War when we were on our guard.

  3. David, regarding Russians and the nuke plants, I think there always were two Britains. Chapman Pincher is quite good on that.
    Friends of the moment the Russians may be.
    The bear may be against the same hunter but he’s also after the same food.
    Churchill was a politician.

  4. Yeah those evil Russians – always interfering with British imperial interests, always wanting to be respected as a sovereign nation. How dare they!
    And the oil and gas, I mean come on – they’re all British really, it’s just a stupid coincidence that the Russians are living on top of them.
    And how dare they want to influence their neighbours more than the British would like to influence Russia’s neighbours. Russia should have no say in the politics of their neighbours – only Britain should and must have that right.
    And really people: libertarianism and freedom are nice and all, but we must restrict ourselves here – no freedom to Russia.

  5. Hey, I don’t blame the Russians for inventing Marxism. That seems to have been an export from London, or thereabouts. However they did take on the system and, if one includes the subsequent spread into China and the East, it seems to have been the triggering factor for the deaths of around 120/150 million people. A total that Adolf could have been very proud of if he had got anywhere near to it.
    The British system, while in principle very unlibertarian in that it imposed itself on foreign shores, did result in the establishment of infrastructure that continues to this day, albeit in a very ragged condition. The western way of life permits greater freedom (so far), a more truly compassionate social system than most other systems that I know of.
    I completely agree that it would be wonderful if the Russian people, and any people caught in the thrall of any collectivist mind set, could be free.
    British business took from the ground. I can only say in mitigation that before the British did so the local population (where ever) did not even know it was there, what it was or what it could be used for, and now that the British are gone, the locals are getting very rich.
    I don’t think anyone has questioned Russia’s sovereignty?

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