To stop them getting in…or us getting out?

David Davis

BAe Systems (I thought it was on OUR side?) is developing UAVs (drones) to “patrol the coastline”, to deal with “smuggling” and “illegal immigrants”. Never thought I would hear the term “Police Aviation” used seriously and without irony.

Does not sound very libertarian to me.

If you have nothing to hide...
...then you have nothing to fear...

As the man said once… “very interrrrresting” …


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  1. The general rule of thumb with all measures by the Enemy Class, public sector bureaucracy and progressives in general is that what ever the ostensible reason for a measure – and however good and worthy of support it sounds – the real aim is to tax and control us ever more.

    To take a couple of examples:

    The official reason for all the money laundering rules is to stop organised crime – especially drugs – and terrorism. The real reason is to squeeze more tax out of the general public.

    The official reason for internet surveillance is to stop terrorism and paedophiles. The real reason is control of the general public at large.

    The official reason for child protection measures that require teachers and other professionals to spy on parents is of course child protection. The real reason is to undermine the autonomy of the family unit.

    The official reason for ID cards and all the ID checks by banks etc. is to stop “identity theft”, crime and terrorism. The real reasons are to squeeze more tax out of us and to control us ever more tightly.

    A couple of simple tests of official reasons for things. Ask yourself:

    Ask yourself – Have they ever made a genuine effort to control this in the past?

    For example, about drugs, terrorism (of the Irish sort at least) and illegal immigration, progressives have never given a toss about them. In fact, we now know that mass immigration has been an undeclared policy objective through out the New Labour years.

    Ask yourself – Have they had bad press about this subject lately? Also, is there an election coming up?

    And always remember every new power, agency / department / quang0 or piece of equipment is at the disposal of our new masters in Brussels. So when, not if, the police are instructed to monitor Euro-sceptics, police aviation assets will be called up.

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