I know! That’s a newspeak term for a “marketing director”!

David Davis

Marissa Mayer is just one of those – what’s the beef?

She is described as

vice president for search products and user experience

But that just translates as “Marketing Director”. Sorry!

Nothing to see here then.

As marketing directors go, she is very pretty overall, but a bit blonde for my taste, so I’ll pass. I can say these things and not be sacked, for I am a Masterless Man.

However, that does not detract from the clear success and acumen of the Google people, including her obviously, in doing a very good imitation of taking all the geeks’ precious things, which I love to do, and giving them to everyone, which I also love to do.

And if Google simultaneously translates everything in every language, for everyone, into his own, then one of the main anti-cultural beefs about the Anglosphere, which is that it is “hegemonic”, can be laid to rest in the slime to which it belongs.

And who invented Google?

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