The buggers are planning to “get her” already

David Davis says it’s only a year into FascistoBama – about which we warned you Americans for some months before you all failed to not elect him –

– and they’re lining up to “do” all the “conservatives” already.

Look: I don’t care whether FascistoBama has outlined “death panels”, or his version of what we here in Naziland call “The Liverpool Care Pathway”***, or not. We here did suggest to you that you ought not to elect him, and you _didn’t listen_ .

As a direct result of you Americans not listening to us here, while you had the chance to not have this President but some other one instead, you have now to undergo these kinds of discussions.

***Health care is Free At The Point Of Use, under GramscoFabiaNazism, in its most highly-evolved form, which is observable in the British-UK, today.

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  1. The Liverpool Pathway is just a means of dealing death. The Obominators are setting up some form of “Health Care” no doubt there will be the inclusion of somethine like LCP adjudications for end of life scenarios with or without reference to Liverpool. Note the language, words like “care pathway” double speakisms are often the hallmark of the social murderers.

    Marilyn, my wife, in her last days was admitted by Ambulance to and insurance based hospital in Manhattan. She was adjudged on arrival as not worth treating by one of the senior Staff in the ER. Moments after that, a diminutive Korean woman doctor muttered in my ear, “Let the bastard go off duty and I’ll get you both up to the ICU”. That is what happened, there was a second opinon by a junior doctor and Marilyn lived a few more days with the hope that one more treatment, which she consented to, might by possible. In the end it didn’t work and she died.

    Now understand this, and understand it well! Dealing in death is alive and well in corporate run quasi socialist established hospitals over here. The only difference is that it isn’t so well entrenched yet, that is all. Now that we have obamacare the process will no doubt expand, after all, the cuts that are promised in Medicare will set the scene for us older ones to fall on our metaphorical swords to aid the smooth administration of health care, you know the “universal health care” for all we have been promised. Do these jerks really mean or understand the meaning of the word universal?

    The increasing atheistic world we live in seems to engender an almost malicious disregard for suffering and empathy in too many in the healing professions. Socializing the matter will only make it worse. Yet that is what will happen, and soon.

    The healthcare bill in Congress isn’t about healthcare at all. The process is to create a salariat to support left wingers in jobs and create a socialist constituency in one sixth of the US economy. Killing off a few elderly patients won’t be a high priority in the bill but it will happen as a result of it. Setting up pork and bacon for the unions and other elite groups is the real intent of this legislation hence the 2,000 pages to hide the details in. Ho hum! Nuff said.

    Father Christmas has transmogrified into the Obominable Snowman apparantly he is somewhat like the grinch.

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