Greenazis shift target…coming for your food, at a field near you, now

David Davis

This worries me intensely. I am not a violent man: no really, I am not. But we really, really may have, one day, to cook, and eat, for our lives, all these nasty, anti-farming and anti-technology people.


  1. So Hilary can do the right thing sometimes? Or is it the wrong thing?
    But AGW is the villain of their piece. Whoever they are. Straw men, red herrings and all:

    “But the hi-tech strategy, known to be favoured by the environment secretary, Hilary Benn, and the government, came under attack by organisers of the Oxford Real Farming Conference, meeting in the city at the same time. Here, academics, environment groups and others . . . “

  2. Why are you bothered about this while ignoring the fundamental cause of all these problems? That is the frightening world overpopulation. Every other one of the so-called “green” issues, including the delusionary “AGW” are way down in the noise floor. But sadly you (and many of my fellow members of LPUK) are so blinkered you ignore this and start ranting at me implying I want to kill people off. No, I want it to be so damned expensive to have kids that the population will drop using good old free-market principles. No bloody good to improve the quality of life for me at 57 years old, but somebody has to grasp this nettle to make life worth living for those around in 50 years time.
    For God’s sake: stop at two, and don’t behave like dickheads in having children after you’re 40 years old. Grow up!

  3. You need to take this message (with the commendable zeal [missionary zeal Ian might call it] you display) and share it with those beyond the borders of the shamed West, to where a family of 4 to 14 can be the norm and where the willingness to live as slaves still persists.
    The willingness to be a slave is what “they” are trying to teach us and the fewer there are of the free, the better.

  4. Bit like Zimbabwe, kill the goose and then puzzle out where those golden egg things come from.

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