The British State enters the pornography business, in public

David Davis

There really is not a lot to add constructively to this. You may not of course view, let alone possess, images of your daughter’s or your 17-year-old wife’s private parts, although nobody will change your daughter’s nappies except you (and you even as a parent will have to get a Blauschein, and soon, so to do. It’s the logical extension of existing “laws.”)

But various people may view the said images, which they will forcibly obtain at airports, for your own safety of course.

One comment

  1. This really is profoundly nasty, is it not? We are tending towards the norm of no privacy right down to ones own body parts. That seems to me to be the norm in gaols, slave states, operating theatres and other involuntary situations.
    The subjection-to-authority norm seems to be heading right off the crazy scale.

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