What’s a “ghost parking ticket”?

David Davis

I wonder when the time will come, when “motorists”, which is to say almost every adult, will lose patience with creeping imprisonment in Britain today?

A time when all CCTV installations in public places beocme fair game for destruction?

A time when “parking attendants” are followed home, and their houses smeared with the word “Paediatrician” in the night, their children are refused invites to other’s parties?

A time when, if one simply worked in something as harmless as a doctor’s surgery reception, one will be permanently stigmatised and ostracised?

Or when the Municipal “Co-Ordinating-Co-Ordinator of Council-Tax-Payer-Service-Delivery-Enhancement-Services” (the fellow responsible for administering all the Borough’s CCTV activities) is hauled out of his car at traffic lights and kicked to death in front of his children?

I am not a violet man: far from it. I recoil from confrontation, and would “walk away from trouble”, really. Nothing to see here, move along. But I wonder about the pent-up level of anger and irritation that I would hope to suspect is building in the hearts of my fellow-citizens.

Perhaps it’s not, at all, and we are truly lost.

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