Let’s just remind ourselves how the CHICAGO-GAULEITER won

David Davis

Sex was invented in 1963 – roughly when he was born –  in order to put him in power in 2008. 45 years is all it took, to bring down The City On The Hill (You idiots! Asleep! Isolationism! You let the GramscoFabiaNazis into your patch, when you might have got away with locking them out just on ours…):-

But at least human beings can bugger these FabioDroids up. Listen up, people: it matters to us in other nations who is the President of the USA. The right one, and we shall be all right – the wrong one, and we shall all fail including you:-

You people in North America clearly did not get it right in 2008.

I shall be writing, in the next few days, perhaps, or perhaps not, about why the next US President, and subsequent ones, should be chosen by the Executive Committee of the Libertarian Alliance, UK, London-Kent-Scotland-and-Lancashire, England.


  1. In fairness how could they possibly have got it right? If your choice is either the lesser or greater of two evils (and which the Yanks chose is up for debate in my head) then the result is inevitably going to be evil to a greater or lesser extent. I think the problem there, as here and in the UK and in many other countries, is the rise of a political class. The Yanks rejected the idea of lords and barons etc when they formed their nation, yet they’ve ended up with clans of Kennedys and Bushes – even referred to from time to time as ‘political dynasties’ or similar. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

  2. You’re probably right, but, faced with a large evil and a smaller one, and nothing else, what is the moral thing to do?

    And that’s just a snapshot in time, in 2008. The Americans could have deflected this situation further into the realms of improbability at a number of occasions in their last 150-odd years.

  3. The greater evil came from the “Republican” Party where they had the chance to put authoritarian measures into place. Anti-authoritarian Republicans find it much harder to get campaign finance. So the Hard Right and their fellow travellers get to be the “Republican” Party when in office. Supporting them is a vast tactical and strategic blunder for libertarians.


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