Ahhhh…..the opposing forces are lining up now…

Michael Winning

Never heard of the National Secular Society, myself. Could it be something to do with the socialists? And why protest? Do they want to force everything to be secualr all the time everywhere?


  1. Islamist extremism, especially, has made a very good case for the harm that looking beyond the purely secular, does.
    If one is inclined, because of personal persuasion, not to go beyond prejudice to discern between good and evil, then actually a rather good case can be made for banning all matters spiritual. I am rather expecting that at some stage.
    Imagine if there was a devil, do you think he might promote what is going on right now to divert attention away from reality?
    Get people fighting and defending false fronts so his agenda could slip in sideways?

  2. Reality is always the same: That which is.
    In the context of the post –
    My understanding is that there is a spiritual war going on. It is intimately interwoven with the temporal. They are separate but interwoven and closely related.
    If there are, say, two sides in this spiritual war, one side for truth, the other side for lies and deception. What would the enemy of the truth do?
    He would infiltrate, I guess, and there seems to be plenty of evidence for that within the “church”. Agents provocateur. Another tactic might be to mount false flag operations and then conduct all sorts of attrocities in the name of your enemy.
    If he were to see the truth side was held in too much respect he might try to establish that the whole thing did not exist? When he had managed to convince most people of this he might then launch his own operations?
    Try it as a hypothesis and see how it fits.

    In Judaism the name seems to be “Satan”.

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