And here, just right on time, another Planning-Nazi ruccus

David Davis

These people in Herefordshire seem to be not allowed to paint their cottage the colour their daughter wants it to be.

If it was not somebody else’s home, then I would say burn it down, package the ashes, and send them in two parcels: one to the local planning department GramscoFabiaNazis and the second to “English Heritage”, whatever that now is.

I might while not under the influence of beer think that a bright pink house is disgusting, and can only be the fetid outpourings of a “university student’s” deranged mind. But it’s not my property, so it’s nothing to do with me.

Herefordshire Planning-Nazi scumbags, who have accepted jobs in such ghastly abbatoirs as planning-departments, willingly and on purpose, and deliberately so as to draw wages for such, ought not to be telling people what colour to paint their houses.

It is because of the little defeats that liberalism has allowed itself to encompass, such as allowing this sort of thing out of “tolerance” and “not wanting to make a fuss” about things being banned, and probably even because “Doris in planning is a friend of a friend”, that has led to the big defeats we have suffered though lack of resistive force, such as ANPR and ID cards and the EU, and so on.

Doris in planning, your friend’s friend, shhould have been told where to get off right away on taking the job.

She should have been ostracised from the pub, the local greengrocer should have refused in public to serve her, and her doctir should have had a pained converstaion with her in the surgery, about treating her varicose veins.

Her boss should have been visited by the entire roll of the local primary school in his home, and the fence laid with a banner, done in poster colours in class, shouting “UNFIT BUREAUCRAT!”

We have needed to learn from the Stasi, and we failed to do so, and now we are lost.

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  1. The Gestapo was modeled on the NKVD’s ideas by Heinrich Mueller. The Stasi was modeled on the Gestapo. What is the point in adopting and acting upon the ideas of our worst enemy? The lesson we should learn from the Stasi is that it should be briskly rejected lest we become what we are supposed to be fighting.


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