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David Davis

A farmer who has built a private home, for himself and his family, on his property, must tear it down because he “didn’t get permission” from the local authority planning department GramscoFabiaNazi scumbags of Reigate and Banstead  Borough Council Reigate and Banstead Soviet.

You might like to regard it. Here it is:-

Nice castle: why does the local Soviet NOT want to charge Council tax on it?

I presume, since it is Surrey, that it is a Tory Soviet? Do the Tories look kindly on private property or not?

The Libertarian Alliance is, as is natural, against ALL “Planning Law”. If private property means what it says, then it ought to be possible to construct anything one wants on it, without interferences from under-employed or unemployable “geography” graduates [the “modern” sort] who sell out to the State for a meal-ticket entitling them to bully free-holders.

I grew up near where that is: I went to school down the road, almost, from it. We used to reach that area on “cross-country-runs”. There were, and are, plenty of other houses that purport to be grander than they really are, round that area. It’s what the area is about. The Soviet should tear up, along with all the others, all that guff about “planning”, which really only means that saddo be-sandalled wierdy-beardy-scumbags can push householders about.

It remains to be seen whether armed-police escort bulldozers onto this man’s land, or not.


  1. It would be interesting if he happenend to find endangered species on the land, that would make the state sanctioned demolition of his private property a bit troublesome.

    A few bats in his loft as well as newts in his pond would get the statists on his side. Statist Vs statist lol

  2. Is he the fellow that built his house inside a haystack and hid it until the council’s time limit ran out, and then they decided to prosecute anyway because he’d broken the ‘spirit of the law’ or somesuch nonsense?

  3. wh00ps, yes, looks like it news reports down here. Good idea, even if it didn’t work out. Doing things away from the prying eyes of the state may be the way to go.

    • I describe those who have made machinery with shiny powerful levers on it, and have got control of it while we were all spliting hairs in the Alternative Bookshop.

    • They assign themselves to it, Tony – all I do is make observations. Of course, if you wear sandals and have a beard, then it does not count!

      But if you and I went and did a chi-squared run on the null-hypothesis that “there is no higher percentage of GramscoFabians among men who espouse leftist views and work in funny old corners of the Public Sector, than there is in the male population as a whole”, then I predict we’d get <0.005!

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