1. What would be better than a pole in the eye is if the Libertarians had simple things like a Youtube channel and if they had some sort of rapid rebuttal system to send out press releases and comments on matters in the news to the media.

    Or alternatively, they could have a small, barely read blog where a small number of people congratulation themselves on their intellectual purity whilst having precisely zero impact on the wider political scene.

  2. The trouble with this small, barely read blog is that the people who agreed to do it have precisely zero time in which so to do, having families to run, and bills to pay, and stuff like that.

    I’d love to have a youtube channel and a “rapid-rebuttal system” (which is, for me, about as achievable as being able to buy a Bugatti) for the Libertarian Movement in the UK.

    Any commenters who feel able to devote the time to these worthy projects, “funding” not being available from “Big Oil” let alone Big Government, are welcome to set this up.

  3. Well, having a Youtube channel doesn’t actually cost any money. Plenty of people have them.

    As for ‘rapid rebuttal’, one bloke with a fax machine and some headed paper would do. A bit of imagination and creativity can go a long way.

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