Socialist-derived inactivity…because you can’t afford to work

Michael Winning

The British-State laments the fact that “Eight million people are economically inactive”. I quote:-

Public sector jobs increased by 5 per cent over a year to 6.09 million. In all, the state gained 290,000 employers (sic: he meant employees!) from September 2008 to Sept 2009.

During the same period, private sector jobs fell by 735,000 to 22.82 million.

They cna come and work here if they want, on the moor, pushing pigs around. But i could not pay them the minimumwage, so I guess they wont be allowed to come then…the job’s worth in reality about £2 an hour for the price i get for the animals…I cuould have queues of Afghan immigrants doing it and they’d be good too and feel rich, but it’s not allowed so I can’t.

I tell you, this socialism lark will end it tears, itwill. It always does. Can’t think why we rubb our noses in it willingly every election.


  1. You know a friend of mine told me the only way Stalin lasted so long was that he set prices off the free markets of the west….he had no idea how to set prices…so he looked at free markets…he had a totally unsustainable system….and they just keep going, they know it and just keep going


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