Tax cuts for a smaller government

Michael Winning

I found this over at The Englishman’s Castle, hes up early like me he is. It’s a clever spoof on the people who I think pay for the Labour Party and its bloated bust budget, that lot called Unison or summat:-

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  1. I should point out, as a member of UNISON, I do not pay them a doggone penny. Well, I don’t pay Labour any more pennies than I pay everyone else.

    Unusually UNISON has two political funds – one affiliated to Labour to which you opt in which works like the traditional union Labour party fund and one general political fund which spends its money in general political lobbying and information.

    I do not opt in.

    It’s all because a chunk of UNISON members were in what used to be called NALGO and because many council officers are in politically restricted jobs they could not be seen to contribute to one particular party.

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