Gordon Brown and the Lost Gold

David Davis

It may all come out sometime, but I don’t think it will be soon.

You know something? Sometimes it is quite impossible for me to decide what the individual penalties ought to be, for deliberately carrying through a known and planned Act Of Destruction such as this.

The Poles, in 1945-46, at least got to hang hundreds and hundreds of minor socialist functionaries. The trouble is that they were hung by merely another sort of socialist functionary.

I can’t imagine anything we could do to Brown, Balls and Miliband and their Treasury apparatchiks, that could possibly atone for this amount of loss.

For them to say “Sorry” somehow does not cut the mustard.

We could make their eternal descendants pay, for ever and ever and ever, but this would begin to lose its meaning after a few hundred years and would merely become some sort of annual ceremony, the purpose of which has long been lost in legend by the MSM, such as the Armistice thing is going to be.


  1. No there’s nothing Gordon will ever to do atone for this and the many other huge mistakes he has made as Chancellor and PM – wrecking pensions will have repercussions for decades to come. The only thing we the people can do is kick him out. Vote AnyoneButGordon.co.uk

  2. We don’t need to do anything to them. If we were ever to be in a position of power necessary to effect revenge, then we would have won, and that would be punishment enough. We could leave them mouldering in their dachas on the Crimea, suffering that terrible punishment- the bitter taste of defeat. Imagine how they would suffer, forced each day to engage with a free society of happy individuals, condemning them and shunning them for the misery they inflicted when they had the power.

    Nothing else required.

  3. I’ve always had a bit of problem with this line …
    it always sounds a bit like the Einsatzgruppen hanging soviet commisars and err … getting carried away.

    I’m angry too. And I once worked out a plan to kill all the intellectuals (when I was 15) and before I understood what that sort of effort looked like.

    I’ll pass on the extermination programs.

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