It does not matter

whether Gordon Brown stays in after being defeated at the (when?) election or not.

David Davis

Britain’s AAA credit-rating has been lost already. The markets have discounted it by letting Mervyn King buy up all our Gilts for the last year.

The Agencies are merely waiting till after the poll to announce it, for fear of being thought “political”. You’d think that the bear-raid on Sterling that will inevitably follow will be worse if he’s there than if he’s been arrested and sectioned.


  1. I have always discounted talk of a political coup d’etat as paranoid conspiracy theory. Reading that in the Telegraph today, I begin to wonder. Are they, after all, preparing to use the pretext of an indecesive election result to install a First Among Equals?

    We know that democracy is not compatible with Progressivism, and will one day have to be suspended. I had been putting that date at some point well in the future. But we also know that they are over-confident and prone to move more early than is prudent (living among their own class entirely, they believe that because they have the whole political class, they have the whole society) as in the case of the EU Constitution.

    It may well be that this is the moment they will choose and, in doing so, seriously stumble by revealing their hand unequivocally. That would be a reason for us to pray for an indecisive result, rather than a Tory victory. Conspirators are frequently fools- especially in today’s society in which the ruling class is the product of a system which specifically selects for fools- and frequently make ghastly mistakes. This might be the moment The Enemy seek to capture a bridge too far.

  2. Yes, the ruling class DO make lots of ghastly mistakes, but surely the problem is that they ARE the ruling class – they hold the levers of power, and their ineptitude doesn’t make a difference to this.

    Even if they do overreach themselves, in the event of a hung parliament, what will happen? At best, there might be another election in a few months, at worst, the government of the day (Brown and co.) assumes emergency powers….then what? Do the vast majority of the people (anaesthetised as they are by the BBC, and “reality” TV) realise or even care what’s happening to them? I doubt it, somehow.

    I cannot ever recall feeling as gloomy about the potential result of a general election, as I do about this one. The thought of the current incumbents ruling in perpetuity is deeply depressing, but the Cameroons have as good as said that they don’t intend to change or reverse any of the horrors inflicted on us over the past 13 years.

    Today’s news is enough to make one reach for the whisky bottle (while it’s still legal) – Grandmother prosecuted and fined for selling a goldfish to a 14 year old, and even worse, the conclusion of the first non-jury trial in England – I suppose it depends how you read the report, but it looks to me as though it was “fast-tracked” to a guilty verdict.


  3. I’d watch the gold price personally, as the election looms nearer. You can see it in the little gizmo-thingy-I-don’t-understand-how-I-got-it-to-work-but-it-does, on the right sidebar.

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