Army “criticised” for”depicting” Mosques on firing range

Here is one report. Here is another, hopefully with a published comment by me.

David Davis

There is a tragic human confusion and dilemma. It invloves these two concept: on the one hand that of astonishingly beautiful Cosmic Order and underlying logic – which can be observed and is of course validated by the study of Physics and Maths. And it involves also the seemingly innate yearning for some kind of “supreme being” who has (of course) supervised all this created order …. (it MUST have been created, mustn’t it…? Er?) This yearning must have arisen sometime in the last 80,000 – 90,000 years, a timeframe in which modern humans seem to have practised formalised burial-rites, with “grave-goods” and the like. This indicates beliefs in the possibility of an “afterlife”, or an esistence in the presence of others whom we can’t perceive, either “souls” or a “god” or both.

As a scientist, I have never had problems in appreciating the high degree of order that we observe, while also being quite relaxed about the _/possibility/_ (a hypothesis that we cannot currently test as we don’t know how) that there _/might/_ be a divine Intelligence (you can call it what you want) which initially set up some numbers, and them left the mathematical-model running “to see what it might do”. Perhaps “it” was just messing about. We of course do not know and right now we cannot know.

The problem starts to arise in a context where a tribal set’s beliefs become so formalised, and so “having to be adhered to” (in fear of…what exactly?) that any sort of sleight against the vulgate of that tribal set is taken really really personally. Specially if the “offence” is committed by a competing tribal-set. I don’t know if this emotion-set springs from primeval conflicts about access to usable grazing-land, or to oases, or to cattle to farm and milk, or to women for breeding with: perhaps it might.

But what seems to happen is that the symbols – such as (supposedly) Mosques in this case or even churches, become confused with the reality of the beliefs. As I said over at the Daily Mail, no Moslem can possibly think that Allah lives in any particular Mosque, just as no Christian would believe that God inhabits “any” church in particular. If He – Allah or God –  exists as God, then he is nowhere and everywhere simultaneously,  just like “God” is. The dangers arise when irrationality about the nature of The Person of God, and what (if anything) He inhabits, other than the minds and hearts of individual human beings,  interferes with one’s judgement about how other people behave.

My secular-oriented-guess about this little matter is tha some passing GramscoFabiaNazi has spotted these firing ranges near Bellerby (quite pretty, only 90-odd-miles from here), and has tipped off the local Imam, to see if any “p-p-p-political capital” can be made for the race-hate-religio-hate-industry.

The Moslems in the UK ought to wake up and calculate that they are being set up as useful idiots through their more hot-headed “respected scholars”, by this government. This is as a precedent for a group that can be made unpopular, so that “when THEY COME FOR THEM, nobody will speak up for them.” Everybody will say…”bloody Islamic Terrorists! Always complaining and whingeing about something unimportant! Good riddance!”

The Jews – who could be portrayed as even more barbaric and unpopular than Moslems, as many are or have been “bankers” –  can’t be publicly demonised as the first “out-group” quite yet, as it’s still too near the Holocaust (which you’re not allowed to deny either) and this “topic” has not yet been successfully removed from the history “syllabus”. Although “Universities” are starting to denounce jews with “links to Israel”. The rot is setting in – it won’t be long now, before we are back to the 1,000-year-European norm in this matter.

But then THEY’ll come for you….one day…and there’s designed to be nobody left. Sadly, the Moslems here have their “useful idiots” too, who will happily whoop and whinge at inconsequential supposed sleights, over purely sumbolic matters.


  1. In your usual long winded, almost encoded manner you seem to be indicating that all is an establishment conspiracy of one kind or another.

    If so, then I agree.

    Some call this the unseen hand, or the all seeing eye, or both. Which is perhaps the best way to describe what some see as Acts of God, others see as pure chance, and others see as the acts of a largely secret world government.

    It could of course be a combination of all 3.

    1. God may have at lot to do with it or very little indeed, however even if our creators do still exist they could not and would not wish to sort everything out all by themselves.

    2. There is no way whatsoever that we are where we are by pure chance, as our establishment would very much like us to believe it is. The odds against us every existing in the first place, very mind still being here by an act of good or bad fortune are so astronomically long that winning the national lottery 100 times in succession is not even getting close.

    3 The worlds secret government is very clever but, not that clever.

    The problem is complicated to say the least, however you are right to observe that organised religion is the root of all evil, as is the incredible amount of wealth and wealthy people it controlls. Worse still our worlds secret government is formalised by an elitist form of religion namely Zionism working under the Internationalist flag of freemasonry.

    It goes without saying that EVIL can not exist without GOOD, and visa-versa. Which is why evil can mostly be found in good intentions. Good intentions are mostly found in organised religion and freemasonry. I hope you are starting to get the point.

    You see life has us all by the balls, not just today but in all other days. This is indeed the human condition. A condition inflicted on mankind by ruling elites since civilisation first began, and very possible before even that.

    To me this planet as we now know it was self-evidently created by something, or some being originating from somewhere else. It is likely, but not wholly certain, therefore that this something or some being is still keeping at least an eye on us all.

    Why? I could not even begin to contemplate.

    If I was them, I would have given up, and taken my ball permanently home a very long time ago. This being may not have been personally responsible for creating the universe, or even this particular part of it. Although it could have been. However it most surely created our human consciousness if not also everything else.

    This place has all the hallmarks of a very nasty soap opera gone over wrong and well past its sell by date. Or just a very bad joke that stopped being even slightest bit funny over 5,000 years ago. However it is best to keep on laughing, all the same.

    Not indeed a place for sane people to reside with any chance of retaining such a rare quality for more then half a lifetime.

    Our human consciousness is under constant attack from those wishing to enslave us. It is not just our wallets we should worried about. What should concern us all is the never-ending WAR our ruling classes have been fighting for our conscious and sub-conscious minds that has been going on every day of our lives. We have some times won the odd battle, or two, but it is now clear we, the common people of the world, are increasing losing Fabians War. If indeed we have not already lost.

  2. Yes. It is evident that this is highly unsubtle and stupid and does not achieve anything from whatever direction one is coming to the debate.
    So it does look like some kind of deliberate action to provoke.
    Who would gain by this?

    I don´t really think it has much to do with God.

    I loved the line in one of the comments in the Mail along the lines that the troops have to get to grips with what they are up against. Cardboard cut outs?

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