1. Absolutely priceless!

    Here we see the contempt the elected have for the electors. And politicians wonder why voter turnout is so low.

  2. Apparently, the poor woman had to spend an hour with McBroon, while he apologised – I’d have lost the will to live after 5 minutes!

  3. Much as I hate Broon, this is unfair. How would any of us do if our pronouncements regarding others, made in private, were revealed? Anyone with a customer facing job is going to say things like this- and considerably worse- about the people they are required to be nice to.

    So, I don’t see it as a gaffe. I daresay every politician has said such things, and far worse things, about members of the public.

  4. It is the ludicrous world of mediastan.
    But that’s the way the politicians play it. They pretend to be more than human so that they can enjoy a pointless job with loads of power and money etc, so I guess it goes with the whole hypocritical territory.
    Hypocrisy chasing its tale.

  5. Ian, normally I would agree – you’re right, it’s unfair. But I come back to my original comment.

    This has to be an indication of what Brown actually thinks, and consequently, this illustrates the contempt that ALL politicians feel for the rest of us. I have no doubt that even as I type, there are Conservative, and Libdem politicos making similar remarks about their would be constituents (read Alan Clarks diaries for some corkers), but most of them will remember when they’re “miked-up”!

  6. I sadly predict that Labour will rise in the polls as a result of this.

    We cannot discount, either, the possibility that the Party itself has deliberately set up this whole stunt, to make Brown appear less droidlike and more vulnerable to human gaffes. To me, on reflection, it has the pawprints of Mandelson all over it. I know Tony thinks Mandelson is an intelligent, cultured individual (he said so some months ago) but that does not preclude his ineffable wickedness, and his use (yes, use) of harmless innocent individuals like Mrs Duffy to gain traction and support elsewhere.

    And….where and why could Brown have found time, )an hour no less) off-the-cuff, to go back and “apologise” to that poor used woman?

    And then he was smiling.

    Bastards. They have set up the entire thing. Watch my lips.

  7. I think Gordon’s going to “apologise sincerely and from the heart” tonight on the debate. Just watch the scheming, wicked, liberal-hating, poor-people-despising lefty doing his crocodile-tears stuff, for the polls.

    I expect Piers Morgan has been training him, and mandelson planned it all. Clever clever bastards.

  8. It seems a rather huge “gaffe” to happen so accidentally?
    Either ‘Susan’ is going to have her head removed or was it part of showing how “human” he is and, yes!, he’s not a lizard after all?
    The smile was a bit of a give away though.

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