Sean Gabb – BBC Interview on Compulsory Voting


  1. The right to not vote should be regarded as sacrosanct as the right to cast the lot – this is a fundamental matter of principle which I would fiercely defend.

  2. Is a legality if you vote you are giving authority to someone, who you do not really know, to make law over you. Also you are giving your consent to this corrupt system.

    It is also a form of mockery, not so long ago, when most of the people could not read or write, when they were recruited into the Army for cannon fodder, they had to make an “x” to indicate their legal consent.

    This whole tower of Babble needs to be taken apart & rebuilt but not in the direction planned for us ie the UN as a global government.

    If everyone did not vote they would be coming out worried & asking us what we really want but that will never happen because the people are so completely conditioned, via TV & other scientific means, that they believe in this big con.

  3. Sounds like at least one caller agreed with Sean wholeheartedly! Good to see. Maybe he’ll take a look at the LA website…

  4. Good work Dr Gabb, particularly for immediately unearthing the (not so) ‘hidden assumption’ of this ‘impartial’ discussion – that people should be coerced into registering their assent for another to take their freedom from them.
    As the chap above commented, the problem is that “the people are so completely conditioned, via TV & other scientific means…” The end of this broadcast provides a nice example- here is an honest gentleman with sound mind and a valid opinion pitted on air as an equal against a professional debater in an attempt to discredit a particular point of view.

    In one sentence the (probably fat, I couldn’t be bothered to google him) lisping, presenter tries to undermine the non-voter’s argument with a supposition passed as fact- that he hadn’t ‘bothered to read manifesto’ and infer that normal folk (that’s you and me!!) were ‘pointing the finger at people like you’ because he was thinking incorrectly- he hadn’t ‘bothered to look at the 3 parties and think -I need to vote for one of them’.
    Typical BBC, I have registered my dissent by not having a telly, I remember why now as every time I see or hear one of those (probably FAT) insecure, sexless control freak bullies working out their insecurities on air, I get really, really cross…

  5. Yeah, I don’t vote myself, it’s not only a total waste of time, but it’s also intellectually and morally insulting at this point. That stupid journalist was hilarious – has he taken a look at Chavs? Does he really think they read all the manifestos and came to a reasoned decision? or the Somalis? Or the women who voted for Blair because he “looked nice”. And there are millions of these people to cancel out your one measly vote …the TV controls elections because 95% of people are just stupid. So if you are in that remaining 5% don’t waste your time voting, or don’t give it too much thought, noone else is.

  6. Here in Oz it’s compulsory and the locals seem happy with the idea. However, they’re not happy with their politicians in general and you don’t have to press very hard to get them to talk about politicians at any level in less than flattering terms. Maybe, just maybe, the forced vote removes any incentive the political class has to try to be worthy of votes. Wish me luck in trying to sell that idea here, much less the principle that it’s hardly a free vote when we’re not free to withhold it.

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