Diane Abbott for “Labour” leader

David Davis

As I have often said on Facebook, it is of no account whatever who is the leader of the “Labour Party”, since it will try to do the same thing over and over again regardless – which is to say: burn down and destroy what semblence of liberalism still exists in the UK.

It must, simply, be shut down and its hard disks malleted, before it can continue to exist to do yet more damage to liberty in the world.

But although people are rating her as a 3%-cert or less, I think all support should be given to her. That will ensure that Labour is unelectable for at least three years.


  1. I disagree. I want David Milliband. He is utterly useless by every political measurement. He’s also Jewish, which may be nothing to natives, but means that large sections of Labour’s ethnic vote will sit on their hands. He is better (for us) than his brother, who always gave some impression of believing in the drivel he was given to read out. He is also better (for us) than Diane Abbott, who occasionally looks and sounds like a human being.

  2. Indeed. I had not even considered the Jewish thing, since (as you say) it means nothing to me. But many Moslems (and perhaps even other sorts) will probably, as you suggest, stay away at a General Election. This could be good news: Labour might be out of power for at least two years, which ma or may not give ordinary people time to organise properly against socialism’s return.

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