I wonder if you know?

Michael Winning

I was looking as you do at stuff about farming and food production, and I woked out that the total of the world’s productuve acreage is a square, 2,500 x 2,500 miles. You could just about fit that into the Sahara desert, so this PR handout by greens and whingers didn’t impress me.


  1. Richer, more technologically advanced nations investing in backward, poor countries. Making marginal land productive and giving wages to malnourished subsistence peasants.

    Oh the humanity!

    Ever noticed how rich greens/lefties romanticise other peoples poverty and backwardness?

  2. Without the continued forcing-up of populations of “the Poor”, GramscoStaiNazis and the DeathPeace-Greens-of-Subsistence-and-Human-Extinction will have no raison-d’etre. We have already shown them and their beliefs to be hideous, which is why they now kill.

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