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Josie  M. Jordison (guest writer)

There could be trouble brewing, here in California. Someone called Joao Vale de Almeida has taken it upon herself to lecture the USA and this state in particular about the use of the death penalty.

There are of course libertarians who oppose it on fundamental objectivist grounds. There are moreover those who say it is jurisprudentially allowable in circumstances where sovereign individuals have the right of lethal force against intruders and those who would harm them and theirs. In this scenario they can delegate their right to punish lethally, to an externalised agency.

This interference in our businesses here will not go down well.

Addendum: Getting used to this dashboard. I now find that the Eudude is a man.


  1. One day someone serious is going to actually take what the EU mouthpieces say seriously. And when that happens the posturing blowhards of the EU are going to have the shock off their lives.

    They are basically overgrown student politicians who believe in ‘gestures’ and don’t actually understand actual actions and consquences.

    Hopefully this will help wake up some Americans to quite how stupid and sanctimonious the EU is. The more friction between them the better.

  2. Rothbard’s libertarian theory is essentially common law.

    There is no common law “right to punish.” Punishment is Statist.

    Restitution is the keystone of libertarian jurisprudence. Retaliatory acts are mere relics of barbarism. Judicial murder (the ‘death penalty’) should be clearly seen as ceremonial murder of a defenceless captive individual.

    No libertarian should give a moment’s thought to trying to justify judicial murder. It’s a total violation of the non-aggression principle.


  3. Actually, Common Law is full of all sorts of punishments. The idea that there is no ‘right to punish’ in Common Law is to basically ignore the reality of all Common Law ever.

    Anyway, regardless of the rights and wrongs of Capital punishment (which featured prominently in Common Law in the past) it really is no business of the EU to involve itself in the actions of California and hopefully this will provoke some sharp reaction to the EUs interfering and awaken some Americans to the odious nature of the EU.

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